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Visegue Solutions

We are an IT consulting company with it's foothold in Östergötland, Sweden.

Our focus is on cloud native development using DevOps principles.

While cloud native development focuses on technology, how to build and automation, DevOps focuses on people, processes and company culture.

These two principles tie well together when creating highly reliable and scalable solutions.


The core principles we live by.

Size matters

We have helped businesses and organizations of all sizes scale their technical platforms, tooling and development while adopting a cloud native thinking. Ranging from small startups to larger enterprises and government agencies.

Technology matters

To adopt cloud native you need the right tools for the job and a high degree of automation. We have experience with different cloud vendors as well as on-premise solutions. We know how to use them, how to build for them and how to automate the processes.

People matter

Tools and frameworks are great enablers but it’s people and teams who realize value. We know how to make the processes work with the teams instead of against them.

Services we provide

How we may help you

Consulting If you need to staff up existing or new teams. Building highly automatic, scalable solutions is always a part of our process. We practice what we preach and want to spread the knowledge to the teams we work with. That is how we evolve and create a learning environment.

Training If you want to help development teams or parts of the organization adopt cloud native or DevOps principles, we can help you on your way with both on-site or off-site training.

In-house development Need help developing a particular tool, make services more scalable or robust.

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